Natural Gas Fuel Cells


Natural Gas Fuel Cells
One subject that is seen to be an alternative is natural gas fuel cell. This fuel cell is producing the electricity using the energy of natural gas. This gas fuel cell can be a good alternative because it is producing low level of emission, quiet conversion process and high level of efficiency. This energy will be a great alternative because it is able to perform cleaner burning because it is proven that gas can almost be burnt without living any trace or emission. Gas fuel cell is also able to work in a lower temperature. When other energy like fossil energy is likely to operate in 800-1000°C, this natural gas fuel cell will only needs 300-500 °C to fully operate and perform perfect burning process. From this fact, it is obvious that this energy will be able to reduce heat pollution that released to open air.

Without people notice, this kind of technology is quite familiar. People often see some bus or vehicle that is powered by this natural gas. This energy also has been used for a long time ago for simple household usage like water heater and other appliances. With further development, this energy can be used as the source of electricity. This will be a good answer to escape from the fossil energy dependencies. When this natural gas fuel cell starts to be used, people will be able to acquire the electricity that they need and in the same time are performing the effort to preserve the environment.

However, there are some shortcomings that are coming along with this kind of technology. The most noticeable weakness that can be seen from this technology is that the device will need a larger space if compared with the traditional generator. Basically, this large size is caused by the container that needed to store the gas. Safety is also the major concern. Since gas cannot be seen, any leak will be dangerous. Despite these all of drawbacks, natural gas fuel cell is still able to be considered as one of the best alternative that available. The abundant resource of natural gas still allows people to use this kind of energy in a very long time ahead. As mentioned before, the clean burning will be the main reason why this gas fuel cell looks like will still be developed to enhance the efficiency and safety to make this technology is ready to be used for public in wider usage. When this technology is fully developed and ready to be used, people will be able to acquire cheaper source of electricity since it will not dependent on the fossil energy anymore.

In these recent days, energy is one thing that becomes the concern of the world, especially electricity. Electricity is very essential to people life. Today, people will not be able to live their life without the help of electricity. They need electricity to run devices that they need to use in their daily life like refrigerator, television, computers and many others. In near future, electricity will be also needed to run the car since the electric car invention is become more and more popular in these recent days. Today, it can be said that people are able to live without the fossil energy but not the electricity. Because of that, more source of electricity need to be invented since the fossil energy that since a long time is used to produce the electricity power is gradually decreasing. Other effect that comes from this problem is that the price of electricity becomes more and more expensive. That is why; other alternatives need to be found. Natural gas fuel cells can be alternative solutions.
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