Fuel Cell Generator As the New Source Of Electricity


Fuel Cell Generator
Fuel cell generator is a generator that is producing electricity using chemical reaction as its main energy source. The reaction is involving oxygen and another chemical material. The most common fuel source that is used is hydrogen. Other than the hydrogen, methanol sometimes is used as the source of energy. Although the amount of electricity is not yet to be able to support one building in a whole, this technology is quite promising to bring cleaner and cheaper electricity.

When the natural source of energy is start to decrease, the urge of looking the alternative energy is raising. After several studies and work, few products are ready to be introduced to the public. One example is the methanol fuel cell generator as the prototype of portable fuel cell generator. The size of this fuel cell generator is not too big. It is only as big as your hand palm. This make this generator will be very suitable to be used by individuals who are having high level of mobility. Since it is not too big, this methanol fuel cell generator only able to produce electricity to recharge smartphone batteries or other small gadget. It is possible to produce much more electricity if using the bigger version of generator.

Although running with methanol as its main energy source, this fuel cell will not produce too much emission that that can harm the environment. The conversion process is also not making any disturbing sounds. It is said that this methanol fuel cell is able to provide electricity in a very long time with just one refill. When the fuel cell cartridge is broken, the user can replace with the new cartridge. The good news is that the price of this cartridge is even cheaper that the lithium-ion battery. This fuel cell generator is very easy to use. The user just needs to fill the methanol and push some button to start the device to convert the energy and it will produce the electricity instantly.

There are some minor shortcomings that still seen as problem from the newly born technology. Some example of this problem is like that the generator is emitting vapor. It will be quite disturbing if you are working on a closed space while using the generator. Also, since this device needs more oxygen to be able to perform the conversion, the user is recommended to use the fuel cell generator in open space to acquire the oxygen and avoid emission poisoning. This shortcomings are likely able to be overcome in near future by rebuilding the design. It is obvious that this can of generators will be better solution to provide energy. When it is compared with other generator like solar cell generator, this kind of energy will be more flexible because it can be used in almost every opportunity while the solar cell generator itself need to acquire sunshine to be able to work.

This kind of fuel cell generators can be an option for those who are highly mobilized and away from the electric source. For example, this generator will be fully beneficial for people who are currently working or living in a remote area. This methanol fuel cell generator is claimed to enter mass production real soon. When this kind of device is found and ready to use, it is normal to dream about the small sized generator the able to provide power for the entire building in the near future, like just in the movies.
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