Build Homemade Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Before you learn how to build homemade fuel cells, it will be better first to understand what fuel cell is actually. Fuel cell is part of now day’s technology that can convert different source into generating electricity that can be used to power most things like car or other house applicants that use electricity power. When we talk about hydrogen fuel cell, it means that the devices will combine hydrogen and oxygen which product electricity and the emission come in form of heat and water. Fuel cell provides many benefits beside its clean emission such as durable, quite and very efficient in their work.

Now, although this technology has been used in many places (the most famous one is in automobile industry), actually people can use hydrogen fuel cells energy to their non vehicle applications like powering your home for light. Some country has been selling fuel cell house to people although most of them only work out as backup power source. See it this way, that you can have hydrogen fuel cell or a large battery to make every applications in your house can work without have to get electric supply from electric company.

What about the price for this fuel cell? It was still very expensive for ordinary and common budget thanks to its high technology that was used. But it doesn’t stop people to build homemade hydrogen fuel cells that were of course come in smaller scale and produce small energy too. If you are interesting to have this little experience then there are some materials that you are going to need. You need to prepare:
  • platinum wire or platinum coated nickel wire,
  • wood in small piece like ice cream stick,
  • 9 volt battery,
  • clip,
  • water and to measure it you can use a voltmeter.
Basically all of those materials can be found easily in your house or in case you must buy it, then you just spend about $20 on it.

Now once you have it all, then it was time to make it.
  • First you need to cut your wire into two pieces (each have 6 inches long) and make it into coiled shape by round the wire into your pencil.
  • The wires will work as an electrode.
  • Next move to your battery clip, strip on the end of each clip into 1 inch long and connect each wire to the top of platinum coils.
  • Put it inside a glass of water but make sure that the twisted wire is the one that still come up in the surface.
  • To help your electrode to dangling in the glass, you can tape the top electrode on your wood stick and tape the stick on the right places.
  • Put the other end of the wire to the voltmeter and now you are ready.

Now you can use your nine volt battery and use your lead wires to touch the battery. You see bubbles form in the glass of water as the result of the separation between oxygen and hydrogen inside the water. After that you can remove your battery and see what you can read in your voltmeter. This small Build Homemade hydrogen fuel cells experiment of course can produce only small amount of electricity about 2 volts. Water that was used in the experiment must be clear water and you can some salt on that to process the process. The bubbles that shown at the end of the process are the hydrogen that going up that you can trapped and ventilate it into whatever applicants that you want to run on hydrogen power.

For bigger power that comes from hydrogen fuel cell, surely you are going to need better and complex design on the way. This is where it becomes very expensive to have one of those devices because it used lots of platinum and this is what make it have such a high price. Of course the researcher is working on it so some day they can find cheaper way to produce hydrogen fuel cell like the one that was under process right now, the platinum free catalyst.

The major change on cheaper way to create fuel cell with hydrogen power of course will happen in automobile industry. Although right now many people turn up to hybrid hydrogen oxygen device where they literary inject more hydrogen into the gasoline on their car and vehicle to make it more power and more burn on the fuel. This action still holds many pros and cons inside renewable energy area. Some may said that it was scam to the renewable energy while other people may take it as alternative solutions that they can use to get cleaner air, better mileage in their gas, smooth ride and other things that they can possibly have from complete hydrogen fuel cell car but still way to expensive and still many years ahead before they can get it.

I hope this article how to build homemade hydrogen fuel cells can help to guide you. Happy working..
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